Figuring Out Google Analytics

I watched this video.  It was helpful as I didn’t realize there was so much information to access within Google Analytics.  I realize that even with that video, it was still just the tip of the iceberg.  I specifically wanted to see what keywords were the bringing in the most traffic.  I went under the Acquisition […]

Figuring Out SEO

I think for me, starting out, I need to work on incorporating my keywords within the actual pages of my site….titles, images, in the body text, etc.  Then I’d really like to create some ads and articles that I could put out there on social media to drive business to my site. Below is an […]

Starting my AdWords account

It was an exciting week as I got my very first sale from my website.  That was so motivating!  I’m still trying to understand how to read all the data on Adwords and Analytics.  I did go in an change my ad up to change some pricing which I’m hoping will bring more buyers. I […]

Figuring Out Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that is a must for an eCommerce business.  It was very easy to install into my site.  There are plenty of tutorials out there to help if you need.   I really liked this link which described 9 ways to use Google Analytics: BoostSuite shared this below: Here are […]

Figuring Out Google Adwords

This week was a particularly big week for me, as I decided to change my whole website and the plan for it.  I started a new website with a new website, shifted from Big Commerce to Shopify.  I’m working through the training videos of entrepreneur, Frank Keeney.  It was a little crazy to do this in […]

Figuring out Keyword Basics

Think like a customer.  Imagine what the customer would be looking for.  Organize by theme.  Create different themes for different types of items.  This will also help you be organized on the business side of things.  Be specific.  Get as specific as you can in your ads to narrow down those that are really ready […]