Figuring out Keywords

This week, I set up a Google Adwords account.  There is a way to set it up without having to give your billing information.  I can see that this is a very beneficial tool for finding keywords.  I think this tool would be useful to gather information without hav In class, we had to do an assignment using keywords to figure out the demand and competition for keywords used.  We had to research the words chess and snowboards.  Snowboards had a really high level of competition.  Chess seemed like the obvious choice because of the lower competition.  As I thought about it more, it really depends what kind of online business you want to have.  If you want to sell products online, you’ve got to consider more than just keywords.  With chess, there isn’t a lot of repeat purchases, even if you offer many different collectible editions.  With snowboarding, although the competition is high, there are so many accessories that go with snowboarding that you could break into the market with the right keywords (more specific ones) and with finding a niche within the snowboarding world.  Within this market, people typically want the latest and greatest.  They upgrade.  They accessorize.  There are many things to consider when choosing a product and starting a business.  Much to learn!


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