Figuring out how to choose a site builder and a host

There are many different aspects of choosing both a site builder and a host company to host your site.  Things I look for in a site builder is that I want it to be very user friendly.  I want it to have easy to understand tutorials and lots of them.  I want it to look professional.  It’s the face of my company, and although I may be running the company in my comfy stretchy pants, I don’t want that to come across through my website. Customer service is very important.  I want to be able to get help anytime I need it, even if I’m working on it while I’m up with a baby during the night. Price is important, but remember that you get what you pay for a lot of times, and if something is free, they’re going to make up for that somewhere else.  Beware.  When I took all of these aspects into account, plus the advice of some people in the field, I felt I was able to make an informed decision for what would be best for me.

With finding a host company, there’s lots of research to be done there as well.  You’ll want to look at the monthly costs, find out if there’s a minimum numbers of months required to be able to get that cost, and is there a contract required.  Find out if the domain name is included.  If you want to use Google AdWords, see if they have an AdWords credit, as well as being sure they support Google Analytics without incurring additional fees..  Again, customer service is very important.  You’ll want to be sure that the host company you choose will support your site builder.  If you can talk to more experienced people, find out how often their servers are down and how quickly they’re pages load.  These factors can greatly affect your business.  These are some things that will help you choose a good web hosting company.


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