Figuring out Site Design

I found the websites that I was drawn to had a few things in common.  I realized that I prefer the menu bar across the top of the screen.  I really like a clean, more simple look.  Some websites have tons of information down both side bars & across the top, which felt overwhelming to me.  I like a clean look with products displayed on the home page in a block format. It was helpful to see the different categories offered.  I like the navigation bar at the bottom of the page with more links on that one that you wouldn’t put on the top bar, but people might like to find those.  I like a clean white background on the page with a nice color scheme pulled into the other elements of the page.

Here are some web pages that helped me learn about site design:

Designing a website knowledgebase

8 Tips for designing a great website

Basic ecommerce web site design & development

I thought the color scheme information was interesting:

The most common color schemes include:

– Red, yellow and white
– Blue and white
– Red, grey and white
– Blue, orange and white
– Yellow, grey and white.


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