Figuring out Keyword Basics

Think like a customer.  Imagine what the customer would be looking for.  Organize by theme.  Create different themes for different types of items.  This will also help you be organized on the business side of things.  Be specific.  Get as specific as you can in your ads to narrow down those that are really ready to buy.  Pick 5-20 keywords for each item group.  Use negative keywords, which will exclude those buyers that are looking for products that you don’t sell.  Use the keyword planner.  Use this to improve your ad campaign.  This will help you get your ads in front of real buyers.

What do you think the characteristics of a good keyword would be?

I would think about what I would put into the search to look for something to purchase.  I remember having someone help me search for something one time, and she got super specific.  I remember thinking it was too specific, but she taught me to be super specific, because then you get exactly what you want and don’t have to waste time sifting through other things.  So, I would be specific, uses phrases, use negative keywords, and keep an eye on the keyword planner to see what’s working and what’s not.

What do you think the characteristics of a bad keyword would be?

A bad keyword would be something that is very broad.  For example, I want to sell horse tack on my site.  Just using ‘horse tack’ as a keyword would make for a very broad list of results.  I wouldn’t lead customers that are ready to purchase a saddle to my site.


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