Figuring Out Social Media for SEO

Social Media for SEO

I read through each of the articles, but the one that seemed to help me the most was the article by Nich Shin called “7 Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy.”  Here’s the link:

  1. I really like how he first pointed out determining your goals and objectives.  My end goal is making sales…lots of them.  He pointed out the need for SMART goals, which I’m a bug fan of.  The goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timely.
  2. He says to research, research, research. Figure out where people go in the social media world that relate to your business.  I’m trying to find specific niches and sell to people that are interested in those niches.  I am going to research Facebook as people tend to have FB pages that envelope a particular niche, and they get lots of followers.  If I can research the right pages and advertise on those pages, I should be able to get some traffic, right?  As I research different social media sites, I’ll find where my target audience hangs out.
  3. Building relationships within these social media sites will naturally build as I begin to get involved in the conversations. I can find forums and join in their conversations, answer questions, etc.  These relationships should continue to build, thus building my company’s reputation, and hopefully driving more sales.
  4. As part of the SMART goal, it needs to be measurable, so I’ll need to have goals and objectives that can be measurable. In the social media world, this equates to number of followers, fans, comments, etc.  We want lots of positive feedback on our products!  I can also use Google Analytics to help measure this success as well as my sales goals.

After I’ve made and implemented this plan, I’ll need to run through these steps again to improve and refine the process.  I will learn along the way and make continual improvements.  I think moving into the social media world with a plan will help keep me from being overwhelmed by all of it.  I appreciated this article that helped me see how to build and implement a plan.


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