Figuring Out Google Analytics

I watched this video.  It was helpful as I didn’t realize there was so much information to access within Google Analytics.  I realize that even with that video, it was still just the tip of the iceberg.  I specifically wanted to see what keywords were the bringing in the most traffic.  I went under the Acquisition heading, clicked on AdWords, then clicked on Keywords.  It had listed there 5 of the many keywords I have.  I can see that pregnancy belly band brought in the most traffic with postpartum belly band not too far behind.  Then there was a significant drop with each of the last three keywords.  I can see where the bottom two, maternity & pregnancy, didn’t have many clicks at all.  When people are searching for these two terms, there are so many other things they could be looking for related to pregnancy than looking at belly bands.  I’m a little confused why those two are even on there as those are not keywords I have within my Google Ad campaign.

As far as looking at the analytics on the landing pages, I clicked on Behavior, then Site Flow, then Landing Pages.  The first landing page looks like it was the homepage to my site.  The landing page in second place went to one the specific products I was advertising.  My home page of my site really isn’t very impressive, because my goal is to direct traffic to specific products.  That being said, I might need to spruce that home page up a bit, so as not to lose customers there.

There’s an abundance of information on here.  You can see the age range of people visiting your site, their gender, even down to what time of day they’re looking.  I’ll admit, it’s almost creepy everything hey track on you when you’re just doing a normal search on your computer or phone.  As there is so much, I copied a page of resources she gave in the video, so I can do more research and understand more about this powerful tool, Google Analytics.



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